Medical Tourism Tips: Best Practices for Effective Treatments

One of the most lucrative tourism segments that are gaining momentum across the globe is Medical Tourism. Every year people in large number travel to various destinations to receive top class medical treatments at affordable price. There are various reasons behind people picking up medical tourism as a travel option such as non affordability of the required treatment, no insurance cover for the required treatment or the treatment simply not available in their own country. As a medical tourist, it is very important for a person to consider some important things while travelling to a foreign country for health care reasons. Listed below are the travel tips that will ensure a safe and successful medical travel experience.

Intensive Groundwork
The experience of abroad visit for receiving medical treatment can be dismaying at times. Hence research work is an important factor before planning a medical travel. Right from choosing a right country to right hospital and doctor to have your treatment done, one must go into minute detailing before taking further step. Scroll down and read about the following things that you must research on.

a) Undergoing Procedure

The first and foremost thing that one must consider is the undergoing procedure. Find out what you will achieve from the surgery and does it match up to your expectations. Also inquire about how much time it will take in recovery process, cost of the treatment and possible risks and complications.

b) Hospital Appraisal

Due to the rising popularity of medical tourism, more and more hospitals in abroad are entering into this business to woo the lucrative foreign tourist segment. But do they all are certified to serve you with the best medical procedure? While selecting the hospital, you must check about its accreditation such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) and International Standard Organization (ISO), honors & accolades and high standards in terms of facilities and equipments. Also check about the success ratio of the hospital.

c) Doctor Appraisal

Do check about the qualifications, reputation and experience of the doctors in the designated field who might be treating you.

d) Country Appraisal

A thorough research about the country you are visiting for medical care is essential before boarding the plane. Find out which country is best for providing the required medical procedure and the cost involved. The distance between the home country and travel destination must be considered because your doctor may not permit long distance travel.

Keep in Touch With Your Local Doctor

Be in contact with your local doctor and tell him about your decision of abroad travel for medical treatment. You may need his assistance in accumulating the health reports required by the overseas hospital as well as for post treatment checkups after returning home.

Documents must be kept in Order

Always be well prepared when you are travelling overseas for medical treatment. Keep a check whether all required documents are with you or not. Make copies for each document that you require:

a) Passport & Visa

Passport is essential for you and your companion while travelling from one country to another. Depending on the country you are travelling to, you may or may not require visa. Consult with the embassy of the destination country for that.

b) Credit & Debit Cards

Keep one or two debit and credit cards besides some local currency as you might need them in case of emergency.

c) Driver's License

If you intend to drive in abroad, make sure that your driving license is valid and remain with you throughout the travel. Some countries may require international driving license in addition to your driving license. Consult with the embassy of the destination country about the requirement.

d) Medical records

Medical reports such as X-rays, MRI, medicine prescriptions and pre - surgery records relevant for the treatment must be there with you at the time of journey.

Handy and Emergency Contact Information

You must possess emergency contact information like relatives and friends, information about the destination country's embassy, hospital information, information of the hotel you are staying in, contact details of your local doctor, employer and insurance company and International contact details of your bank.


  1. You may need his assistance in accumulating the health reports required by the overseas hospital as well as for post treatment checkups after returning home.

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  2. There is no doubt that medical tourism is gaining popularity but along with this check and balance should be kept for doctors appraisal service in medical organisations.